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Moana Soundtrack Vs Frozen Soundtrack: Which Disney Movie Has Better Songs And Lyrics
Booksmart Review

Booksmart isn't simply one of the best comedies of the year. I'd go a step further and call it one of the best comedies of the last several years.

Luke And Leia Being Siblings Started A Decades-Long Inside Joke With Mark Hamill And Carrie Fisher
How Much John Wick Chapter 3 Made Opening Night

John Wick shot up the box office last night.

There’s Already A Petition Against Robert Pattinson Playing Batman, Because Of Course
More Layoffs Coming To Disney And Fox After Merger
Why The John Wick Franchise Is Better Than Mission: Impossible
John Wick Director Reveals How Brandon Lee’s Death From The Crow Impacted The Franchise

The action franchise has a close connection to Brandon Lee and The Crow.

Kevin Feige Says The ‘Real Mandarin’ Is Coming

One of the more controversial moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be getting revisited.

What To Do In Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios If You're Skipping Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Even if the crowds at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge are not your thing, there's still a lot of fun to be had at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Endgame’s Avengers 1 Callback Originally Looked Much Different
Theater Accidentally Screens R-Rated The Curse Of La Llorona Instead Of Detective Pikachu
The Sun Is Also A Star Review

The Sun Is Also A Star is a movie for only the most hopeless romantic.

Avatar 2 Cast List: All The Confirmed Heroes And Villains

For the longest time, it seemed that those Avatar sequels were going to be the sorts of movies than languishing in development hell forever. However, over the last few months the wheels have begun to actually turn, and now it appears that these movies may actually happen.

Bond 25 Will Reportedly Be Back On Its Feet ‘Within The Week’

The delays to the new James Bond movie aren't as bad as previously believed.

Will John Wick Chapter 3 Beat Out Avengers: Endgame At The Box Office?

Will John Wick be able to take down Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

Toy Story 4 Might Be Pixar’s Last Sequel For Years

Pixar has been very sequel focused in recent years, but it looks like that's going to be changing very soon.

Looks Like The Oscars Might Stay Hostless For A While
Watching Rocketman Makes Elton John’s Husband Want To ‘Give Him A Hug’

The movie was emotional an journey for all involved.

More Pokemon Movies? Ryan Reynolds And The Cast Sure Hope So

Will Detective Pikachu be only the first Pokemon movie?

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