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The Funny Way Aladdin’s Mena Massoud Goofed During His Introduction To Will Smith
The Perfection’s Director And Stars Really Want You To Keep The Movie’s Big Twists A Secret

Every movie ever made is made better when you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen before you watch, but that’s being said, The Perfection is a special case.

Aladdin’s Naomi Scott Is Now Starting To Realize The Impact Of Being A Disney Princess
Booksmart’s Olivia Wilde Reveals The Teen Comedies That Inspired Her In This Exclusive Featurette

In their own way, teen comedies have the capacity to demonstrate the very real power of cinema.

The Special James Gunn Easter Egg You Can Find In Brightburn

We got confirmation straight from James Gunn!

Allison Williams Explains How Her Get Out Performance Enhances Her Character In The Perfection
The Reason Iago Speaks Very Differently In The New Aladdin, According To Guy Ritchie

There are a lot of classic elements of the animated Aladdin still present in the new remake, but one aspect that is changed quite a bit is the presence of Iago.

Aladdin Review

The new Aladdin does have a fun energy and charm – not to mention one of the best soundtracks of any Disney musical ever – but all of those positives are simply borrowed, and there is a very real and notable limit to its creative energy.

Brightburn Review

Brightburn is ultimately a fine example of high-concept storytelling: taking an easily digestible idea, and exploring it to its full potential in compelling and entertaining fashion.

Upcoming Star Wars Movies: List Of Titles And Release Dates

We have many years ahead of new and different Star Wars titles hitting the big screen. But what exactly are those projects? How long do we have to wait for them?

The Perfection Review

It’s a movie that operates to first generate a certain level of expectation and perceptions about certain characters and events, and then in a heartbeat, it demolishes those notions and becomes something completely different than what had been established.

The 4 Most Disappointing Parts From The Game Of Thrones Finale

There were definitely some positives to appreciate about the Game of Thrones finale, but for this feature we are going to focus on the negatives.

John Wick Kill Count: All The Kills In All 3 Movies

Spoiler alert: John Wick kills A LOT of people.

Olivia Wilde ‘Stole’ An On-Set Rule From Martin Scorsese In The Making Of Booksmart

When taking on an intimidating new endeavor, it’s always helpful to take inspiration from those who are the best at what they do.

Everything You Need To Remember About John Wick Before Chapter 3

The perfect, spoiler-free way to get ready for Parabellum!

What's Happening With Every Marvel Hero After Avengers: Endgame

For Marvel fans, Avengers: Endgame marks the culmination of an era. But now it's time to look into the future.

Angelina Jolie Gets Threatening In First Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil Trailer
Peter Jackson Turned Down Directing Aquaman More Than Once

Apparently he's not a big superhero guy.

Every Marvel Studios Movie, Ranked By The CinemaBlend Staff
5 Game Of Thrones Plots That Need To Be Wrapped Up In The Finale

What a show decides to do with its penultimate episode is always fascinating. After all, a final season can be completely filled with table setting, but the second to last always serves as the guiding hand that will lead audiences into the last chapter.

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