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Try Not To Spoil The Game Of Thrones Finale For Robb Stark Actor Richard Madden

It's not easy being a former Game of Thrones actor with other responsibilities.

Olivia Wilde Says Focus On Her Looks In Hollywood ‘Grosses’ Her Out
What Percentage Of John Wick's Action Scenes Are Actually Keanu Reeves
Game Of Thrones Star Posted A Beautiful Tribute To Killed-Off Season 8 Character
Karen Gillan Hopes 'Drunk Thor' Joins The Guardians Of The Galaxy
More Stargate SG-1? Richard Dean Anderson And Amanda Tapping Have Us Hyped For A Comeback
Jamie Dornan Reveals Why Joining The Fifty Shades Films Was Not The Easiest Decision

There's a "hard" pun in here somewhere, but I'm not going to go for it.

Rocketman’s Taron Egerton Says There’s ‘Nothing More Intimidating’ Than Filming In Front Of Elton John

There's nothing like performing an iconic song in front of a musical legend.

When Calls The Heart Abruptly Wrote Out Lori Loughlin's Abigail, But At Least The Show's Back
What Will Emilia Clarke Do After Game Of Thrones?

Girl's got a lotta stuff going on!

Fifty Shades Of Grey’s Jamie Dornan Reveals Why He Does Push Ups Between Takes

It's not just to look good, although that doesn't hurt...

Is Game Of Thrones Really Done With The White Walkers?

There are still more questions than answers...

What Happened When Alexander Skarsgard Shaved Half His Head For A Movie Role
Twilight's Edward Cullen And Bella Swan Are Coming Back, But Not How You Think
Zac Efron Thinks His Baywatch Body Was ‘Unrealistic’
E.L. James Actually Started Writing The Mister Before Fifty Shades Of Grey

Apparently, E.L. James had been working on romance projects for a long time before she published her Fifty Shades books.

New DVD And Blu-ray Releases Coming In May 2019

It’s finally May and rather than pelt you with Justin Timberlake memes, we’re bringing you the full list of the best and the brightest home entertainment releases this month.

Yes, Seth Rogen Is Always High When Filming Movies

Here's what he has to say about smoking weed while at work.

How Chris Evans Kind Of Spoiled Captain America’s Avengers: Endgame Fate

You wouldn't have known until after you saw the movie.

To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Avengers: Endgame Ticket

Does Marvel's latest movie assembling the Avengers hold up? We take a look.

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