How Much Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Could Make Opening Weekend

After Venom's success, could Sony's unique new Spider-Man movie swing into first place?

Could Clubber Lang Return To The Rocky Franchise? Here's What The Creed II Director Says

Ivan Drago is back for Creed II, so could the Italian Stallion's Rocky III opponent be next?

7 Off The Radar Movies To See At Theaters Over Thanksgiving Weekend

There are plenty of blockbuster sequels in theaters over the big Thanksgiving weekend, but if you've already seen those or are looking for something different, check out these off the radar movies.

See What Jared Leto And Tom Hiddleston Would Look Like As Each Other's Comic Book Character

The Clown Prince of Crime and the God of Mischief both enjoy a good joke and based on some fan art, the actors who play them are actually pretty convincing in each other's roles.

Fake Movie Producer Jailed After Convincing Teens To Perform Pornographic Acts

The man allegedly lured the teens with promises of movie stardom.

The New Halloween Originally Had A Much Darker Ending

The original ending to David Gordon Green's film would have left audiences feeling very different as they left the theater.

A Star Is Born Was Originally Going To Star A Real Rocker Instead Of Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper didn't originally plan on playing Jackson Maine and it sounds like he had a real musician in mind for the part.

Venom Is A Huge Hit With International Audiences

We may come from different lands and speak in different tongues, but "like a turd in the wind" is universal and something we can all understand.

Dan Fogler Reveals What Jacob Is Thinking At The End Of Crimes Of Grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was an emotional journey for the lovable Muggle, and he had a lot on his mind at the end of it.

What DC's Gal Gadot Would Look Like As Marvel's Black Widow

In a fun exercise of 'What If,' some fan art imagines a reality where Gal Gadot is Natasha Romanoff, not Diana Prince.

7 Questions We Have After Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald cast a Confundus charm on even the most die hard of Potterheads, leaving us with some big questions about what the heck is going on, and what happens next.

Joel Edgerton Used His Tiny Role In Star Wars To Land Big Hollywood Meetings

The director of Boy Erased took a small role in a big film, and made the most of it.

Jared Leto Has Shaved His Beard Ahead Of Shooting Morbius

The actor will play Marvel's living vampire in Sony's upcoming Spider-Verse film.

New Mary Poppins Returns Video Has Lin-Manuel Miranda Singing His Heart Out

The video gives us a sneak peek at one of the new songs performed by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

5 Awesome Disney Rides That Absolutely Need Their Own Movies

With Jungle Cruise finally getting the cinematic treatment and a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot on the way, it's time to look at Disney's other rides that are ripe for the big screen.

What The Alien: Covenant Sequel Is Reportedly About

If Ridley Scott's sequel gets made, it could bring the events of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant full circle, while connecting to the original films.

Doctor Strange's Director Saved The Eye Of Agamotto During Wildfire Evacuation

Now if only we can use it to go back in time to snuff out this blaze before it starts.

Hugh Jackman Didn't Know What A Wolverine Was Before X-Men

The actor went in to his role in X-Men having a very, shall we say, confused interpretation of what a wolverine is.

Ghostbusters 3 Is Currently In The Works, According To Dan Aykroyd
Venom Just Launched Sony To A Box Office Milestone

Venom continues to elevate its host studio past milestones at the box office, both domestically and overseas.

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