What Fortnite Has Planned For PAX West 2018
Hitman: World Of Assassination Brings Season One Content Into Hitman 2

IO Interactive decided to take a different approach with Hitman 2, which will combine everything from the first season of Hitman into Hitman 2. The team is calling it the "World of Assassination," which contains all of the missions from the first season jam packed into a single package of Hitman 2.

Dying Light: Bad Blood Hits Early Access In September

The developers announced that Dying Light: Bad Blood will be a last man standing action title, utilizing the gameplay and mechanics from the original Dying Light, and it's set to enter into Early Access on Steam starting next month in September.

Battlefield V Open Beta Coming In September

Before releasing in October (where many wallets will be emptied), gamers will have an opportunity to play-test Battlefield V for themselves with an open-beta that's set to get underway for hardcore gamers starting next month in September.

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Delayed Again, Canceled On PS Vita

Director Koji Igarashi has made a couple of announcements concerning his upcoming game, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, including a delay and the removal of one version of the game.

Life Is Strange 2’s First Trailer Finally Reveals The New Characters

Life is Strange fans have been waiting for news on the next entry in the series and today, we finally got a peek at what the upcoming title will have to offer, including who you'll actually play as.

What Fortnite Has Planned For PAX West 2018

PAX West is just around the corner and, being the biggest game in the world right now, you better believe Fortnite will have a major presence.

Rainbow Six Siege Adds Two Operators For Operation Grim Sky DLC

The studio revealed that the competitive first-person shooter that centers around destructible environments will receive two brand new playable operators as part of the Operation Grim Sky DLC expansion due to release for home consoles and PC.

Why Porn Stars Get Into Fortnite And Other Games

It turns out that some of the fastest-growing stars in the streaming scene are stars in their own right outside of the world of gaming... I'm talking about porn stars. Yes, porn stars have been jumping into Epic Games' Fortnite and building up an audience of gamers.

Zeeple Dome Trailer Reveals A New Title For Jackbox Party Pack 5

A brand new Jackbox Party Pack 5 is set to make its debut this fall, and the creators launched a brand new look at the Zeeple Dome, one of the games that will be featured in the party pack for gaming platforms.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Has Been Delayed

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy has been delayed, though the wait to play remastered versions of these original PlayStation classics still isn't too far over the horizon.

Twitch Prime Members Can Get An Exclusive PUBG Crate

If you're a Twitch Prime subscriber looking to spruce up your look in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, you can now pick up a special crate full of goodies perfect for a jungle expedition.

A Pair Of Tomb Raider Games Go Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

It was recently announced that two classic Tomb Raider games have gone through the process of being made compatible with the Xbox One, and now the Xbox 360 third-person action titles are now available to play for those of you who have an Xbox One or Xbox One S or Xbox One X in your possession.

My Memory Of Us Trailer: Hear Patrick Stewart Narrate The New Game

You get to hear Stewart's commanding voice in action as he narrates the brand new trailer for the game My Memory of Us.

Toronto May Be Getting An Overwatch League Team

It looks like Canada is set to have a home team to root for during the second season of The Overwatch League, with the fourth slot in the ongoing six-team expansion going to Toronto.

Far Cry 5's Next Expansion Is Zombies, Because Of Course It's Zombies

The third (and presumably final) piece of the DLC puzzle for Far Cry 5 is set to launch later this month and, as promised, it will be pitting players against a set of tried and true enemies: Zombies.

Diablo III On Nintendo Switch Will Get Legend Of Zelda Items

Now that Blizzard has officially unveiled Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch, we've now learned that the game will come with specially designed items made exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, including items from The Legend of Zelda.

Fortnite's Android Beta Has Been Expanded To More Devices

One of the only major issues with the Android release of Fortnite was that, initially, it was only available for Samsung's Android line of smart devices, but now Fortnite is expanding beyond just Samsung's line and more Android devices are able to support the playable beta for the Battle Royale game.

Try Out Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate On Nintendo Switch Now

With Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate set to launch on the Nintendo Switch at the end of the month, folks eager to learn how the game plays on the new hardware can try out a trio of hunts right now courtesy of a freshly launched demo.

Bruce Campbell Will Voice Ash In New Evil Dead Game

Even though the Starz series may have wrapped up, Bruce Campbell has confirmed that he will be voicing Ash in a brand new Evil Dead game that's currently in development. Thus, giving sullen fans a reason to become excited once again.

The PlayStation Store Is Running A Blockbuster Sale

With summer coming to a close and the crowded fall season about to kick off, the PlayStation camp is aiming to beef up your backlog with a rather sizable "Attack of the Blockbuster Sale."

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