It's going to be a huge weekend for Fortnite as Epic games announces not only an icy theme for the upcoming seventh season, but also a Creative mode that lets players build their own islands.

Fortnite is already being compared to Minecraft because of its insane rise in popularity over the past year, turning it into a household name. Now Epic's mega-hit battle royale game will have another thing in common with Minecraft: The ability to build your own worlds.

It appears the above video was planned to launch during tomorrow night's The Game Awards but, since a YouTuber decided to leak the information early, it looks like Epic decided to pull back the curtain a little early. See, this is why we can't have nice things!

Introducing Fornite: Creative, a new mode that lets players build their own islands from the ground up. This new mode will give players some pretty powerful creation tools, allowing them to morph the terrain and inhabit their new island with structures aplenty. On top of that, you can then fine-tune the map to be used in matches with your friends, including all sorts of options to adjust like the player count, game mode, spawn points, weapon drops, ammo availability, resources, etc.

And while this will certainly be great for creating new ways to play standard match types, the tools available will also allow players to craft all sorts of crazy contraptions, race tracks and whatever else they are able to imagine.

From there, players will be able to set up cameras and record their escapades, so I wouldn't be surprised if web series shot entirely in Fortnite start popping up. Even cooler is the fact that Epic plans to grab hand-picked maps and rotate them into special game modes, meaning there will be an infinite number of ways to play Fortnite moving forward.

Just when I thought there was no way Fortnite could become more popular, Epic goes and bolts on a new mode that will likely help keep players coming back for years and years to come. If they update this new mode at the same rate as the regular game, it boggles the mind to think about how much fun folks will be having moving forward.

On top of the revelation that Fortnite is about to get a heck of a lot more creative, Epic has also given a strong hint as to what the game's seventh season will be all about.

The above Tweet went live earlier this week and touts the spread of "bitter ice" once Season 7 launches this weekend. I wouldn't be surprised to see entire swaths of the map getting covered in snow and ice, and maybe we'll even get some snowmen, igloos or an ice castle to go adventuring in.

It's kind of a bummer that the Creative announcement had to be revealed earlier than planned, but that doesn't take much wind out of Epic's sails. Get ready for the next evolution of Fortnite to go live in just a couple of days.

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