A lot of companies are gearing up to drop some big news during The Game Awards tonight. New games are expected to be revealed while old games are expected to receive updates. In Nintendo's case, the company is discounting currently available games in honor of the awards show, covering a number of high-profile and indie games for the system.

The announcement came from Nintendo, who made it known that there will be discounts up to 50% on select digital titles and games that have been nominated for an award.

The deals will be available from now up until December 10th 8:59 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. The deals will be for select Switch games, including some of the biggest games released this year and games that burned up the sales charts, barring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, of course, and that's only because the game doesn't come out until Friday, December 7th.

The discounts are taking place for digital games only over on the Nintendo eShop. You'll find the discounts via the web portal.

Many of the games discounted are big name games, including the award-winning 3D platformer Super Mario Odyssey, which actually came out last year in October. Games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are also discounted by 50% off, along with the newly released Blizzard Entertainment title, Diablo III: Eternal Collection. I was shocked to see that one discounted by so much so soon.

2K Games' NBA 2K19 is also marked down by half-off, along with one of the best first-person shooters this generation, DOOM. Machine Games' Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus also makes the cut, with a 50% discount.

Top-selling JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is marked down as well, along with Valkyria Chronicles 4.

If you're more into fighting games, Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle is discounted down to $37.49 from $49.99. Arc System Works' other fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ, which managed to turn heads and become a real treat at this year's EVO tournament, is also discounted.

Stoic Studios' final entry in The Banner Saga is also marked down as well. It's also one of the games that is nominated for an award.

Even though FIFA 19 currently has a lot of controversy surrounding it for the loot boxes, especially in Belgium, it's still up for a nomination at The Game Awards.

There are only 20 games in total that are discounted on the Nintendo eShop because of the awards show, but getting up to 50% off on select titles, including the AAA titles, is probably worth checking out if you've had your eye on a few games that were a little too expensive for your budget. Alternatively, you might check out some of the indie titles that are also available at a discount, including Into The Breach, which is only available for $10.04 and down from the regular $14.99 price. So, if you were interested in a new kind of game you may not have heard about, it's also worth checking out, along with Celeste, which has been nominated for multiple awards.

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