Why Chicago P.D.'s Next Big Case Will Be A Crossover With Chicago Fire

Chicago P.D. is crossing over with Chicago Fire in the next episode, and P.D. actress Tracy Spiradakos shared some of what to expect.

Eddie Redmayne Says Making The Crimes Of Grindelwald Was Exhausting

Playing with those Fantastic Beasts looks like so much fun, but Eddie Redmayne says its also quite tiring.

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Alita: Battle Angel Ending - What Robert Rodriguez Says About That Finale

The following contains spoilers for the end of Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel. Stop reading now if you do not want to know more.

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The Rom-Com Icon Rebel Wilson Tried to Get To Cameo In Isn’t It Romantic

The new movie is playing fairly well with critics and audiences alike, but it could have also had a rom-com icon near its ending.

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How Alita: Battle Angel Brought Its Crazy Motorball Sequence To Life

Talking with Robert Rodriguez and Rosa Salazar!

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Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man Is Filming Sooner Than Expected

Notable horror studio Blumhouse only announced they were moving forward with their own version of The Invisible Man in January, but shooting is starting surprisingly soon.

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What Gotham's Ben McKenzie Says About Barbara's Reveal And Bane's Future

Gotham star Ben McKenzie weighed in on those crazy Barbara and Bane twists from the latest episode.

How Walt Disney Animation Aims To Balance Original Movies And Sequels Going Forward

This is a big week for Walt Disney Animation Studios... but what will the future hold?

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Happy Death Day 2U's End Credits Hint At A Potential Third Movie

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains massive spoilers for Happy Death Day 2U. If you have not yet seen the film, continue at your own risk.

How Chicago P.D. Will Change After Upton And Ruzek's Relationship Reveal, According To Tracy Spiridakos

The unit of Chicago P.D. can't possibly be the same after the Ruzek/Upton relationship reveal, and actress Tracy Spiridakos explained how the show will change.

Manifest Season 2: Matt Long Shares His Hopes For Zeke

What will happen in Season 2? Well, first, NBC has to renew Manifest for Season 2....

ReelBlend #56: Our Interview With Robert Rodriguez

Talking Alita: Battle Angel, and more!

Happy Death Day’s Director Kept His Sequel Plans A Secret From His Stars
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How Chicago P.D. Will Handle Upton And Ruzek’s Relationship Reveal

Tracy Spiridakos chatted with CinemaBlend about how the reveal of Upton and Ruzek's relationship on Chicago P.D. will go down for one major character.

Happy Death Day 2U's Director Already Has The Idea For Part 3

Want a threequel? Producer Jason Blum and director Christopher Landon certainly hope so.

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What Ronan The Accuser’s Role Will Be In Captain Marvel

By the time we were introduced to him in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan The Accuser was already a radicalized zealot, but we'll see a new side of him in Captain Marvel.

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Why Toymakers Were Originally Horrified The Little Mermaid's Ariel Had Red Hair
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Shazam! Filmmakers Explain How Black Adam Factors In

The potential big screen relationship between classic comic book adversaries Shazam and Black Adam has been a huge question mark for a long time.

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Nintendo Allowed Black Monday Characters To Snort Cocaine Off A Light Gun, And It Was Hilarious

Black Monday gave a 1980s shout-out to the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the creators told CinemaBlend how easy it was to make that happen.

Will FX Work On More Marvel Shows After Legion? Here's What The CEO Told Us

John Landgraf shared with CinemaBlend his thoughts on future Marvel shows on FX.

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