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How Much Venom Could Make Opening Weekend

Venom doesn't arrive in theaters for quite some time, but we now have an early indication of how successful the movie might be when it gets here.

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Is Kill Bill One Movie, Or Two?

This is a debate that erupted on the most recent episode of ReelBlend, a weekly podcast hosted by myself, Kevin McCarthy and Jake Hamilton.

AMC Stubs A-List Service Is Growing Very Quickly

Who will be top dog in this movie subscription business? AMC, at least, is growing.

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One Rumored Star Wars Episode IX Title Doesn't Totally Suck

Production has begun on Star Wars Episode IX. That means the movie has a script and if it has a script, that script must have a title.

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Mile 22 Reviews: What CinemaBlend Thought Of Mark Wahlberg's New Thriller

The staff at CinemaBlend takes aim at Mark Wahlberg's new action-thriller Mile 22.

Why The Wasp Should Lead An All-Female Avengers, According To Peyton Reed

As women begin to, finally, take a larger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, director Payton Reed makes his case for why the Wasp should lead an all-female Avengers team.

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15 Big Differences Between The Crazy Rich Asians Book And Movie

Crazy Rich Asians was published back in 2013, and it took five years to bring Kevin Kwan's book to life on the big screen, with some changes, of course.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Teases Han’s Fate With The Millennium Falcon Very Early In The Film
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6 Reasons Power Rangers 2 Deserves A Shot

Power Rangers 2 seems to have a better chance now of actually happening, so here are the reasons it deserves a shot.

The Avengers: Infinity War Scene That The Russos Wished They Didn't Have To Cut

The new home video release for Avengers: Infinity War is packed with all kinds of fantastic special features, including an interesting selection of deleted scenes.

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How Ant-Man And The Wasp Decided How To Tie Into Infinity War

Ant-Man and the Wasp couldn't end things without tying into Avengers: Infinity War's shocking turn of events.

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The Meg Just Crossed A Major Box Office Milestone

The Meg just keeps proving it's a financial powerhouse.

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Deadpool 2 Kept A Scene Where Ryan Reynolds Totally Broke A Prop While Filming

It's a fact that Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson shares a cinematic universe with the characters from Logan, X-Men: Apocalypse and the unseen New Mutants. And the A-lister borrows from them as often as he can.

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How Deadpool 2 Chose Its Pop Culture References, According To Ryan Reynolds
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Crazy Rich Asians' Henry Golding Explains Why He Originally Said No To The Movie

The actor almost turned down the lead role in Jon M. Chu's film that is shaping up to be this weekend's sleeper hit.

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5 Great Aretha Franklin Movie Music Moments

In honor of the late Aretha Franklin, please join us as we run through five great moments inspired by her legendary music career.

More Details On The New Songs In The Live Action Aladdin Movie

Some Aladdin characters will be singing new songs from the duo behind La La Land and The Greatest Showman in the upcoming live-action remake.

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Early Deadpool 2 Concept Art Shows A Very Different Look For Domino

They went through a lot of iterations before they landed on the final look.

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Amazon Is Trying To Buy A Major Theater Chain

The online retail giant may be looking to continue its foray into the brick-and-mortar space with a purchase of a theater chain.

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Nicolas Cage’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Character Is Based On Humphrey Bogart

Nicolas Cage is channeling that Golden Age of Hollywood energy for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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Is Kill Bill One Movie, Or Two?
Mile 22 Reviews: What CinemaBlend Thought Of Mark Wahlberg's New Thriller
15 Big Differences Between The Crazy Rich Asians Book And Movie

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