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What Went Wrong On The Set Of Hook, According To Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg's 1991, Peter Pan story is one of the director's most critically panned films. Spielberg recently spoke about why he struggled so much while making Hook.

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The Cool Way Mission: Impossible Fallout’s Christopher McQuarrie Celebrated Wrapping Production

The production of Mission: Impossible Fallout went through a lot on its way to the big screen. As the new movie wrapped principal photography, director Christopher McQuarrie reflected on everything that had been done up to this point.

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In Honor Of Mute, Paul Rudd's 10 Best Roles, Ranked

Movie fans are going to see a completely unexpected and unpredictable side of Paul Rudd when Duncan Jones' sci-fi thriller Mute opens on Netflix on February 23.

Why Breaking Even On Tickets Is Good Enough For MoviePass

MoviePass has been around for several years now, but it has only been over the past several months that the subscription streaming service has become a bigger deal.

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One DC Director Says He Isn't Planning On Going Anywhere

The DCEU has seen a ton of directors leave their blockbusters, but one key figure isn't planning on leaving their movie.

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Watch Star Wars' Rian Johnson Slice Up A Porg

Porgs were one of the most popular things to come out of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They were cute and funny and made people laugh. But be honest, wouldn't you like to cut one to pieces?

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Does The Flashpoint Movie Have Directors Or Not?

Here's what we know about what's actually going on...

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How A Yondu Deleted Scene Ended Up In The Thor: Ragnarok Extras

Fans are used to seeing various characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe appear together, but if you've already picked up a digital copy of Thor Ragnarok, you may have seen a crossover that was quite unexpected.

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Wauconda, Illinois Is Getting A Lot Of Calls About Black Panther

Just about every aspect of Black Panther has bee praised, but this popularity is complicating things a bit for the small town of Wauconda, Illinois.

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Why The Uncharted Movie Shouldn't Be A Direct Adaptation, According To One Of Its Creators

The Uncharted video game series is one that seems perfect for a cinematic adaptation. This is why it surprised a lot of people when it was decided that the first Uncharted movie wouldn't be based on any game.

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A Flamin' Hot Cheetos Movie Is In The Works

If you feel like Hollywood will make movies about anything these days, you might be right as it turns out that Flamin' Hot Cheetos is now getting its own movie.

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Avengers Infinity War Cast List: All The Confirmed Marvel Heroes And Villains

With less than a year to go until Avengers: Infinity War's release, we've gathered together all the characters who've been confirmed for this epic movie so far.

When Tessa Thompson Realized She Was Destined To Work With Annihilation’s Alex Garland

Tessa Thompson has established herself as one of the film industry's great rising stars, and in the last few years has had the opportunity to work with some of the best young filmmakers around.

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Thor's VFX Supervisor Really Wants To Use Beta Ray Bill, And We're So On Board

In the last 10 years we have seen characters hit the big screen that we never expected to be portrayed in live-action, and as a result one can only imagine the heroes and villains we'll get to meet in another 10.

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How Justice League Called Back To Batman V Superman's Doomsday Fight

It turns out there was an interesting callback to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's Doomsday fight in Justice League.

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Who The Flashpoint Movie’s Villains Might Be

Flashpoint sounds like it will be one of more bigger DCEU productions, and we may now who the main villains in the movie will be.

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What Killmonger's Creator Thinks About Black Panther

Don McGregor, who created Erik Killmonger decades ago, revealed what he thought about the Black Panther movie.

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Someone Recut The Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer With The Beastie Boys And It's Great

If the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story didn't quite sell you, see how you feel with a healthy dose of Beastie Boys magic added to the mix.

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Black Panther Is About To Cross A Major Box Office Milestone

If you count Black Panther's Thursday night preview last week, the latest venture from Marvel has been out for just around a week now.

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Why A Wrinkle In Time Has Such A Diverse Cast, According To Ava DuVernay

A Wrinkle in Time has assembled an incredibly diverse ensemble of actors and actresses to fill out its ranks, and this is why director Ava DuVernay opted to go that route.

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In Honor Of Mute, Paul Rudd's 10 Best Roles, Ranked
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