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Upcoming Live-Action Disney Movies: Remakes From Aladdin To Dumbo

Disney made their name producing animated features based on classic fairy tales. Today they're making a killing making new live-action version of their own classic stories.

Apparently Not Even Marvel Studios' Co-President Understands That Avengers 4 Photo

Marvel fans aren't the only ones trying to puzzle out the Russo Brother's cryptic Avengers 4 photo.

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Captain Marvel Fan Theory Suggests Thunderbolt Ross Is A Skrull

Could Hulk's arch-nemesis actually be an alien in disguise?

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Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz Is Seriously Psyched About Working With Joaquin Phoenix On Joker Movie

Maybe a little luck rubbed off Zazie Beetz from playing Domino in Deadpool 2, because she's heading to appear in Joker next.

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See Chucky's New Look For The Child's Play Reboot

The Good Guy doll is getting an update for the upcoming reboot of the classic horror film.

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Sister Act 3 Apparently Won’t Have Much Whoopi Goldberg

There is currently a third Sister Act movie being developed, but it turns out that Goldberg won't be involved much.

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Marvel's Eternals Movie Just Took A Big Step Forward

It's looking more likely that the Eternals will be brought to the MCU soon.

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Luke’s Final Thoughts In Star Wars: The Last Jedi Are Heartbreaking And Beautiful

Bring some tissues when reading Marvel's _The Last Jedi _comic book.

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Robert Redford Already Regrets Announcing His Retirement

In August the acclaimed actor announced that his next film, The Old Man & the Gun, would be his last as an actor. Now he's wishing he hadn't said anything.

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Why Linda Blair Decided To Join The Exorcist Sequel

Linda Blair reprised her iconic role as Regan in the sequel, and recently spoke to why she signed on for the flop.

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See Joaquin Phoenix In His Joker Makeup For The New DC Movie
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Is The Gambit Movie Finally Starting Up?

No superhero movie has had quite the trip through development hell that the Gambit movie has.

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Mattel's New Film Division: 5 Projects We'd Love To See

Mattel recently announced its new film division, Mattel Films, to make movies based on the company's popular toys. There are many popular properties within Mattel's stable but a few stand above the rest as deserving of cinematic adaptation.

That Cryptic Avengers 4 Photo Has An Infinity War Prop That Might Be Important

The Russo brothers recently posted a cryptic photo from the film's set, and now it seems one detail may have a connection to Infinity War.

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Has Screened, But When Will We See It?

The newest X-Men movie has been having a difficult time of late, but it looks like we may finally be getting our first look at Dark Phoenix very soon.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Says The Original Halloween Made Her A Real Actress

Jamie Lee Curtis recently spoke to the process of filming John Carpenter's original film, and revealed how her role as Laurie ultimately made her a real actress.

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Suicide Squad 2’s Script Is Really Coming Together

A sequel to the first Suicide Squad was greenlit shortly after the first film's amazing success, but little has been said about it since.

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DC's Birds Of Prey Movie Has Narrowed Its Search For Black Canary And More

Birds of Prey looks like it will be the next DC movie to follow Wonder Woman 1984, and the movie has started narrowing down the actresses for its lead roles.

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First Look At Chris Hemsworth And Tessa Thompson In The Men In Black Spinoff
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What Bob Iger Thinks About Adding Alcohol To Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge At Disneyland

many Disney fans aren't happy with the reversal of a decades-long tradition at Disneyland.

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Upcoming Live-Action Disney Movies: Remakes From Aladdin To Dumbo
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