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Sony Has Given Two New Spider-Man Spinoffs Release Dates

Sony's franchise of Spider-Man spinoffs is moving full steam ahead following Venom's success.

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How Much Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Could Make Opening Weekend

After Venom's success, could Sony's unique new Spider-Man movie swing into first place?

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Ralph Breaks The Internet End Credits Scenes: What Happens, And Why They're Great

Want to know how Ralph Breaks The Internet closes the film, courtesy of its post-credits scenes? Read on to find out.

Fantastic Beasts Has A Newt Scamander Problem

It's time to address this franchise's Zouwu in the room.

Could Clubber Lang Return To The Rocky Franchise? Here's What The Creed II Director Says

Ivan Drago is back for Creed II, so could the Italian Stallion's Rocky III opponent be next?

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Nicole Kidman Responds To Aquaman Criticism About Her Age

For those of you thinking Nicole Kidman is too young to be playing Arthur Curry's mother, the actress has a response.

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7 Off The Radar Movies To See At Theaters Over Thanksgiving Weekend

There are plenty of blockbuster sequels in theaters over the big Thanksgiving weekend, but if you've already seen those or are looking for something different, check out these off the radar movies.

ReelBlend Podcast #45: Creed II Reviews And Green Book's Oscar Hopes

The ReelBlend boys can't have you guys hitting the roads or taking to the airways on the busiest travel season of the year without a fresh, hot, new ReelBlend podcast episode in your ear drums.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie Has An Official Plot Synopsis Now

Filming has been underway for the upcoming superhero flick, and now an official synopsis has been released to the public.

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See What Jared Leto And Tom Hiddleston Would Look Like As Each Other's Comic Book Character

The Clown Prince of Crime and the God of Mischief both enjoy a good joke and based on some fan art, the actors who play them are actually pretty convincing in each other's roles.

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See Milla Jovovich And A Giant Sword In First Monster Hunter Image

Monster Hunter isn't a video game series that's well known to the general public around here, but the first image makes the film adaptations influences quite clear.

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John C. Reilly Had An Extra Role In The Development Of Ralph Breaks The Internet

John C. Reilly is best known as an Academy Award-nominated actor, but he has proven that he can do a lot more than that.

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What Would It Take For Adonis To Get Back Into The Ring For Creed III?

Coming back for Creed II was a pretty risky move for all involved, but Creed III could prove to be the most difficult.

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Dick Van Dyke Had The Perfect Reaction To Mary Poppins Returns Being Announced

We were all probably a little surprised when we learned Mary Poppins was getting a sequel, but nobody had a better reaction than Dick Van Dyke.

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Aquaman Director James Wan Assures Fans The Trailers Aren't Spoiling Too Much

When one fan tweeted at him (in all caps) about showing too much of Aquaman in the marketing materials, James Wan swiftly responded

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Creed II’s Director Likes Tessa Thompson’s Character A Lot More Than Adrian

The Creed movies may be a continuation of the Rocky franchise, but they do a lot of things differently.

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Why Ralph Breaks The Internet Doesn’t Feature More Of Felix And Calhoun

Played by Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch, Fix-It Felix and Sgt. Calhoun were two of the most important supporting characters in 2012's Wreck-It Ralph - but their roles are definitely diminished in the new sequel.

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Benicio Del Toro Is Getting NSFW Comments About His Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride Appearance
Movie News
Star Wars: Episode IX Will Appropriately Honor Carrie Fisher, According To Oscar Isaac

The biggest unanswered question about Star Wars Episode IX is just how the film will handle General Leia.

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The Toughest Part Of Making Robin Hood, According To Jamie Foxx

According to Jamie Foxx, one particular challenge making Robin Hood was so intense, everyone needed to take a step back.

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Ralph Breaks The Internet End Credits Scenes: What Happens, And Why They're Great
Fantastic Beasts Has A Newt Scamander Problem
7 Off The Radar Movies To See At Theaters Over Thanksgiving Weekend

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