A crowded box office isn't something new to us or anyone who has been watching the market trends in the past couple of years. But this July seems stuffed to the gills even by those standards. There's a pretty diverse spread throughout this month's offerings too, as everything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the Abba song book get their due throughout the next few weeks. So if you're ready to plan some excitement, get out your calendars and prepare to make some appointments with the following movies at a theater near you.

The First Purge

Throughout its history, The Purge franchise has made no secret of its politically influenced motivations. So naturally, dropping The First Purge on Independence Day is a pretty big statement just on the surface alone. But with the prequel looking to test the true mettle of the franchise's brand, slotting it in July's big tentpole spot is even more daring. With fantastic showings during each of the previous film's releases, the Blumhouse franchise is about to face its greatest challenge yet.

Opens: July 4th

Ant-Man And The Wasp

Just when The First Purge thinks it's safe to counter-program the box office, Ant-Man and The Wasp decides to drop in only two days past the official release date. With Peyton Reed taking control of this MCU sequel from square one, it already looks like a confident sequel that poses to be a fun and fast paced comedy. Considering the last Marvel movie we saw in theaters was the ultimate bummer, we're ready for some super-powered comedy.

Opens: July 6th

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