Warning! The following contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

One of the huge benefits of Spider-Man being in the MCU is that he gets to interact and team up with other Marvel heroes, just like in the comics. This possibility paid off right away in Spider-Man's first solo MCU outing, Spider-Man: Homecoming, when Iron Man provided some crucial assistance to an out-of-his-depth Peter Parker. With the sequel film, Spider-Man: Far From Home set to begin production soon, it's time to start speculating about what other Marvel heroes Spidey could cross paths or team up with during his sophomore film.

It is worth noting that a lot MCU heroes are currently dust in the wind after Thanos' snap in Avengers: Infinity War, including Peter Parker. But given the very existence of this film, I think it's safe to say that will change somehow. So for the purposes of this exercise, all of the MCU heroes are on the table, as well as some possible newcomers, the only exceptions being Iron Man and Doctor Strange, and neither will probably be in the movie.

Spider-Man has a long history of teaming up with heroes across the Marvel universe in the comics, so let's make some guesses about which Marvel heroes could team up with the web crawler for his abroad adventure in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

War Machine

We know that Robert Downey Jr. will not be returning for Spider-Man's second MCU film, but that doesn't mean that Tony Stark doesn't still want to keep an eye on his young protégé. Regardless of Iron Man's eventual fate, he has a vested interest in Spider-Man and there are probably few people he would trust more to look out for Peter Parker than James Rhodes. War Machine may be a little too similar to Iron Man to be novel from a visual or combat standpoint, but from a story perspective it would make sense that Rhodey would be looking out for Spidey and have to team-up with him when villainy takes place.


Peter Parker and Scott Lang (along with Hawkeye) are unique in the MCU in that they maintain the most normal lives among their heroic brethren. Peter still goes to school and has girl problems while Scott just wants to be a great dad to his daughter. They also have the most aww shucks, fanboy approach to the hero business. I could totally see each geeking out over the other's skills in a really fun way. I would love to see these two team up somehow. Without knowing the story of Far From Home, and Ant-Man's current Quantum Realm predicament, it's difficult to say exactly how they would cross paths; still, I'm sure Marvel could make it work. Tom Holland has even advocated having Spider-Man team up with Ant-Man next and he already has some ideas about what that could look like.

Bucky Barnes

I debated about throwing Cap in this spot but I still don't think he'll make it past Avengers 4, while I think Bucky will be sticking around in the MCU for longer. Bucky was unfrozen just in time to be turned into dust in Infinity War, but assuming he comes back, I can see him running into Spider-Man. Whether that be as the new Captain America, the White Wolf or just Bucky Barnes, a collaboration between these two heroes would be fun and unexpected. Even if Wakanda is Bucky's new home I can imagine him traversing the globe trying to do good as penance for his years as the Winter Soldier which would give him an opportunity to cross paths with a high schooler on summer vacation who just happens to be battling a guy with a fishbowl on his head.

Ms. Marvel

Kevin Feige has stated there are plans for the Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel in the MCU post-Captain Marvel, so why not begin to set up this character in Spider-Man: Far From Home? It wouldn't be a stretch, either, because Kamala Khan is a teenager from New Jersey in the comics. She could easily cross paths with Peter Parker at an academic decathlon where things go awry and they both throw on costumes to save the day. If Peter is on a study abroad program, she could be part of that, too. Ms. Marvel is a teenage character very much in the vein of Peter Parker and would add some more youthfulness to the MCU. These two have met up and had fun interactions in the comics, so Far From Home provides an opportunity to bring that team up to life.


While Anthony Mackie's Falcon will probably never get his own standalone film, he is a great supporting character in the solo films of the MCU leads and the team-up films. Falcon is currently a victim of Thanos' universe-balancing but Falcon's too lovable to be gone for good and the MCU needs supporting players like him. He already showed up in Ant-Man and it would be great to see him meet Peter Parker. Spider-Man and Falcon have not formally met yet in the movies but the hilarious brotherly relationship between Tom Holland and Anthony Mackie off screen demands that these two get to be in a movie together. The back and forth alone would be worth the price of admission. Pending he's resurrected after the snap I can see Falcon continuing to fight evil around the globe and this could lead him to a chance meeting with Spider-Man.


It's been a while since we've seen Hawkeye but we know he'll be back in Avengers 4, possibly facing a heartbreaking reality. Hawkeye is one of the original Avengers but he hasn't always gotten as much to do as he might deserve. A team up with Spider-Man in Far From Home would be a good opportunity to give Clint Barton some shine. If he is traveling the world as Ronin or just continuing missions as Hawkeye, it would be fun to see him fight alongside the webhead. The other thing that makes Hawkeye ideal as a team up character is that he won't overshadow Spider-Man with godly superpowers. So combining forces would make more sense and feel necessary and fun without making Spidey look like a supporting player.


This pick may seem out of left field, but some of the casting rumors make it a little more than wild speculation. Supposedly, Marvel was looking to cast a European actress in her twenties for a femme fatale type of role as a badass female lead opposite Tom Holland's Peter Parker. There are a multiple characters that could be, but with Silver Sable and Black Cat presumably out of the running (as they have their own Sony spinoff film in the works), Spider-Woman is the most likely candidate. Hydra trained Spider-Woman, real name Jessica Drew, as an assassin before she eventually switched sides and joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. This spy and double agent has femme fatale written all over her and could be an interesting frenemy to Spider-Man if the MCU is able to use her.


At the end of Black Panther, we see Wakanda revealing its true self to the rest of the world and taking a more prominent role on the world stage. Part of that involved sharing the country's knowledge of science and technology. With Peter Parker presumably going on a European vacation/study abroad program in Far From Home, I could imagine a scenario where he meets up with Shuri as a part of some sort of Wakanda-sponsored STEM program. It would be a blast to see these two science geeks teaming up together. Tom Holland has already shown enthusiasm for a possible meeting, and given Shuri's reception in Black Panther, I can see Marvel striving to include her where it makes sense. Now, Shuri is one of the few characters whose fate after the snap is unknown, but I think she's way too popular to stay gone.


I know, I know, the Marvel Netflix characters haven't even crossed over with the regular Marvel Studios films and now I'm hoping Daredevil will show up in a Sony/Marvel co-production. Still, this is perhaps the team-up that fans are most dying to see, just based on the characters' long history of collaboration and shared foes in the comics. We know that Spider-Man will be overseas for part of his Far From Home adventure, but when he is in NYC he could finally meet up with the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil even has a history with Mysterio in the comics. This one is wishful thinking, but Daredevil actor Charlie Cox wants it and one of Homecoming's co-producers implied it's a matter of if, not when these two team up. I personally say there's no time like the present.

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