Idris Elba has a lot going on in his life. In addition to being an acclaimed actor, he's also a DJ, a father, a director and probably a whole lot of other things the general public doesn't know about. He's a busy man. He doesn't have time for fan theories or, you know, being aware of what the MCU stands for.

It seems utterly ridiculous, given how much fans obsess about the MCU online, but apparently, Idris Elba, who played Heimdall in multiple MCU movies, had no idea the MCU is a term people use to talk about Marvel movies. The actor was giving an interview to Yahoo Movies UK about his new directorial feature Yardie when the MCU was mentioned in passing. Here was his response...

What's MCU?... Oh right, I have never heard that before! I thought it was Manchester United... but don't worry about it.

Hands up. I'll be the first to admit, when I first read this quote, I thought it was someone misinterpreting a joke and/ or creating a story out of nothing in order to pick up some traffic on Labor Day Weekend when it's always a struggle to find news. But I watched the video, and now, I don't think so. He is either an absolute master at keeping a straight face while he's joking, or the MCU was actually out of his vocabulary completely.

This whole thing is a good reminder to me and assumedly to other fans that for some of the people in the MCU and in other major franchises, the role really is just a job. Of course they're putting in maximum effort in order to do a good job, but not all of them are obsessing about where things are going or what might happen to their characters. They're getting a script in the mail. They're executing said script as best as they can, and then they're moving on to their next role or having dinner with their families or doing other normal human being stuff that doesn't involve posting wild theories online about why Thanos did certain things in a certain order. In fact, when Elba has talked about the MCU (without referring to it as such) in the past, it has often been to express some frustration around the whole process.

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And that's OK. Sure, it's nice when some of the actors in major franchises really embrace the fandom, but ultimately, the whole goal is to make as good of a movie as possible. Harrison Ford hasn't spent his entire life going to fan conventions, but I don't think any of us wish George Lucas would go back in time and cast someone else as Han Solo. He was right for that role, probably because he gives off a vibe that he's too cool for it.

You can check out Elba's Yardie as it hits select theaters this weekend.

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