The One Incredibles 2 Question That Bob Odenkirk Is Not Allowed To Answer

In addition to Bob Odenkirk, who is an always welcome addition to any ensemble, the upcoming The Incredibles 2 adds Catherine Keener to join John Ratzenberger (playing the Underminer once again), Samuel L. Jackson (playing Frozone once again) and the duo of Sarah Vowell and Huck Milner playing Violet and Dash Parr, respectively.

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Why Judd Apatow Thinks It's Easier To Do Stand-Up Now Rather Than Earlier In His Career

Filmmaker Judd Apatow talked with CinemaBlend ahead of his upcoming Netflix special.

Why Game Of Thrones Took So Long To Confirm Jon Snow's Parents, According To One Star

Game of Thrones took its time in revealing the details of Jon Snow's birth and parents. One Thrones star spoke to CinemaBlend about why fans were waiting for so long.

Why Mark Hamill Thinks The Last Jedi Needs To Share Parallels With The Empire Strikes Back

CinemaBlend recently sat down with Mark Hamill to talk about the narrative similarities between Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back, and the importance of those similarities.

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How The Porgs From Star Wars: The Last Jedi Connect To Another Key New Species

By now, Star Wars fans worldwide know about the porgs. As it turns out, they aren't the only species living with Luke Skywalker in exile.

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Why Syfy's Happy! Premiere Twist Came Sooner Than In The Comics, According To Grant Morrison

Christopher Meloni's new show Happy! premiered tonight, and its creator told us why that big reveal happened so fast.

Why Rian Johnson Loves Reading Star Wars Fan Theories Online

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson really likes diving into fan theories about the Star Wars universe, and he recently sat down with CinemaBlend to explain why.

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One Aspect Of The Last Jedi That’s Going To Surprise Star Wars Fans, According To Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac recently opened up to CinemaBlend about the plot of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and explained why he thinks the Star Wars sequel will shock fans of the franchise.

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How Law & Order: SVU Helped Christopher Meloni's Role On His New Show Happy!

Christopher Meloni's performance in his new show Happy! is made all the better because of the actor's past.

Watch Jake Gyllenhaal Talk About Stronger And One Of The Year's Best Performances

It is, hands down, the best performance this year that no one is talking about. Jake Gyllenhaal blew us away by portraying Massachusetts native Jeff Bauman in David Gordon Green's Stronger. Jeff's story becomes compelling because he was at the finish line of the Boston Marathon when terrorists set off a multiple homemade bombs.

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Sebastian Stan Had An Awesome Reaction To The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Last week, fans worldwide got their very first look at what should be one of the biggest films of 2018, Joe and Anthony Russo's The Avengers: Infinity War, and they found themselves blown away in the process.

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Why The Trailers Don’t Really Ruin Star Wars: The Last Jedi, According To Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac recently opened up to CinemaBlend about Star Wars: The Last Jedi and explained why fans shouldn't worry about trailers potentially spoiling the movie. Here's what he had to say.

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One Star Wars Character Who Will Have A Major Impact On Poe, According To Oscar Isaac

Poe Dameron's life is about to get quite a bit more complicated in The Last Jedi, and Oscar Isaac recently told CinemaBlend about one character who will have a major impact on him in the upcoming Star Wars film.

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How Close Rian Johnson Came To Directing Star Wars Episode 9

During a recent interview with CinemaBlend to promote The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson addressed the rumors of his possible involvement in Episode IX and explained how close he came to directing before J.J. Abrams took over.

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The Incredible Number Of New Creatures That Were Created For Star Wars: The Last Jedi

One of the greatest parts of watching any new Star Wars movie is being introduced to a wide array of new and strange alien species.

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How Taken Will Handle That Huge Cliffhanger From Season 1

Taken will return to NBC in January to pay off on its massive Season 1 cliffhanger. Showrunner Greg Plageman weighed in on how the show will pick up with Season 2.

Mark Hamill Talks Working With Rian Johnson And Whether He'd Ever Play Another Star Wars Character

Mark Hamill recently sat down with CinemaBlend during the press junket for The Last Jedi and explained if his tenure in the Star Wars universe could extend beyond his time as Luke Skywalker. Here's what he said.

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Why Mark Hamill Was Appalled By The Plot Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

CinemaBlend recently sat down for a chat about The Last Jedi with Mark Hamill, and the Star Wars legend revealed why he was initially "appalled" by the direction of the film's story.

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The Dead Star Wars Character Rian Johnson Might Want To Bring Back In His New Trilogy

CinemaBlend recently sat down with The Last Jedi's Rian Johnson, and he addressed the one dead Star Wars character that he might want to bring back for a future film.

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One Last Jedi Feature That Daisy Ridley Wishes Star Wars Fans Didn't See Before The Film

The Last Jedi's marketing campaign has been fairly restrained in terms of spoilers, but there's one aspect of the Star Wars sequel that Daisy Ridley wishes had been held until after release. Here's what she told us.

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