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Deleted Justice League Scene Shows Cyborg Defending S.T.A.R. Labs From An Attack

More details about the Snyder Cut of Justice League have emerged.

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Would You Rather See A Flash Or Cyborg Solo Movie?

Choose your side after reading our arguments!

HeroBlend #53: Avengers: Endgame Writers Christopher Markus And Stephen McFeely

Welcome to HeroBlend #53! It's time to go over our most pressing Avengers: Endgame questions, plus we have Eric's interview with Endgame's writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely!

Justice League’s Ray Fisher Wishes His Character’s Backstory Was More ‘Fully Represented’
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Justice League’s Ray Fisher Still Wants Zack Snyder To Direct A Cyborg Movie

Ray Fisher wants Cyborg's movie to be his third collaboration with Zack Snyder.

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Ray Fisher Was Happy With Justice League, Even If Cyborg's Story Was Cut Down

A lot of people on the Internet have shared their opinions about Justice League in the time since the movie was released last year.

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Zack Snyder's Original Idea For Cyborg Sounds Great

Most DC fans will realize that the Justice League character who underwent the most revisions in Zack Snyder-turned-Joss Whedon's blockbuster was Cyborg (Ray Fisher).

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Ray Fisher Explains Why Cyborg's Solo Movie Hasn't Come Together Yet

There've barely been any updates recently on the Cyborg movie, and Ray Fisher has thrown in his two cents on why it's been slow going.

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No, Ray Fisher Isn't Quitting As DC's Cyborg

The Justice League actor has addressed a rumor that he would be hanging up his cybernetic body parts in the comic book cinematic universe.

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Justice League’s Deleted Scenes Are Contributing To DC’s Cyborg Movie

It's been quiet on the Cyborg movie front for quite some time, but it turns out the film is moving forward, with some potential help from Justice League.

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Justice League’s Reshoots Reportedly Changed Cyborg’s Story In A Major Way

An earlier cut of Justice League would have seen Cyborg's story unfolding much differently than what we saw on the big screen.

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8 Previously Announced Superhero Movies We Should Just Admit Aren't Happening

As interesting as some of these sound, we've gathered together some of the superhero movies that we have to acknowledge stand little to no chance of actually being made.

Ray Fisher Wants Cyborg To Battle An Iconic Superman Villain In The DCEU

Cyborg actor Ray Fisher wants to see the cybernetic Justice League hero take on an iconic Superman villain in the DCEU.

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What The Cyborg Solo Movie Will Focus On

We still know very little information about the Cyborg solo movie, but now it looks like we may at least know what the film's story could focus on.

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Ranking Every DC Animated Movie From The Past 10 Years

DC recently released all of its animated movies from the last ten years, and we here at CinemaBlend have ranked them all from worst to best.

Justice League: Where Each Of The Main Heroes Leaves Off

With the Justice League having defeated Steppenwolf, the heroes have gone their separate ways. Here's where each of them left off by the movie's conclusion. SPOILERS ahead!

Everything You Need To Know Before Seeing Justice League

Inside we've put together this handy guide that will help you prepare for Justice League, detailing the histories of the main heroes as we've seen them featured so far on the big screen. So read on and refresh!

Which Villains Should Be In DC's Cyborg Movie, According To Ray Fisher

We haven't heard much about the Cyborg solo movie for quite some time, but ahead of Justice League's upcoming release, Ray Fisher has revealed the villains that he wants to see in his standalone outing.

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Why The Cyborg Movie Will Be A Big Deal, According to Ezra Miller

Somewhere down the line, a Cyborg solo movie will be arriving, and Ezra Miller thinks that everyone will definitely want to see it after watching the character in Justice League.

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What Ray Fisher Wants To See In Cyborg's Solo Movie

Ray Fisher's Cyborg movie is a long way off, but the actor knows exactly how he wants it to go down.

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