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New DVD Releases 2019: All The Latest Movies And TV Shows

I spy with my little eye... a lot of good releases in 2019!

Shazam! Actor Zachary Levi Really Wanted To Play Deadpool

Before a wizard granted him the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of Hercules, Zachary Levi wanted to have the wit of Wade Wilson.

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Shazam! Set Photo Reveals Henry Cavill’s Superman Stand-In
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Shazam! Star Zachary Levi Drops F-Bomb About The Movie’s Box Office Performance

It's time to defend the DCEU entry's performance in the midst MCU's explosive time at the box office this year.

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Adam Brody Had No Idea What Was Going On During His Shazam! Audition

Does any actor in a superhero film told what's going on anymore?

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Black Adam Producer Confirms Planned Filming Date

Black Adam is finally on the way.

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Shazam! Director Wants More Of The Shazam Family In The Sequel
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Spider-Man: Far From Home Writers Glad They Cut A Scene Very Similar To Shazam!

Shazam! and Spider-Man: Far From Home almost contained identical scenes.

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The Rock's Approval Of Shazam! Meant A Lot To Asher Angel

The man who will one day square off with Billy Batson as Black Adam, was a big fan of Shazam!

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Shazam! Star Asher Angel Auditioned For Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric

Wait.. which pair of dreamy blue eyes is the live-action Ariel going to fall in love with?

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Shazam! Has An Annabelle Easter Egg And Asher Angel Tells Us Where To Find It
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Zachary Levi Thinks DC Will Make Shazam! 2 ‘As Soon As Possible’
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Zachary Levi Thinks He’ll Face Off Against The Rock’s Black Adam In Shazam! 3

We have a longer wait ahead of us for these two titans to come to blows.

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Black Adam Producer Updates Us On The Rock’s DC Superhero Movie
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Oops: Shazam! Director Reveals How They Covered A Movie Mistake At The Last Minute

He points out the crew members no one noticed in a scene. (D'oh!)

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Shazam! Exclusive Clip Shows Zachary Levi Coming Up With That Hilarious Batman Joke
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Upcoming DC Movies: What's Next For Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, And More

Since 2008, Marvel Studios has built up their cinematic universe with some of the most popular movies being produced in Hollywood, and for much of that time DC Comics and Warner Bros. have doing everything in their power to create a franchise that exists on a similar level.

Zachary Levi Reveals When Shazam! 2 Plans To Start Filming

DC is moving forward quickly, as expected.

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Shazam! Director Details The Alternate Opening And Ending

Shazam! could have began and concluded much differently than what unfolded in the final version.

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When Shazam! Will Finally Arrive On DVD And Digital

If you holler "Shazam!" the DVD release will come.

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