Nova In The Next Phase Of Marvel Movies? James Gunn Gives An Update

The cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe offers up an incredible number of options for filmmakers going forward. The franchise so far has barely scratched the surface when it comes to space-set stories, and as a result there are hundreds of characters just waiting to make their big screen debut.

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The Joker May Be Getting His Own Movie, But Not In The Way You’d Expect

Jared Leto is expected to keep playing The Joker in the DCEU, but now there's word that a different kind of movie centered on the Clown Prince of Crime is in the works.

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Avengers 4 May Be Bringing Back A Key Iron Man Character

When Avengers 4 rolls around in 2019, it looks like one of Iron Man's key supporting characters will be back by his side.

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All The DC Projects That Have Started Moving Forward

The DC Extended Universe is a fluid situation. Every time a new piece of news drops -- Patty Jenkins prepares to sign on the dotted line for Wonder Woman 2 -- another newsflash arrives that changes the tentative plans of the cinematic universe's upcoming slate.

Suicide Squad 2: What We Know So Far

What is the status of the sequel? When will it come out? Who is involved in making it? We answer all of those questions (and more) in this new edition of our What We Know So Far guides.

How Danny Rand Could End Up In Another Superhero Costume Before Iron Fist Gets A Suit

Danny Rand is well on his way to getting his classic Iron Fist costume at the end of The Defenders, but he may take on another superhero identity before that happens.

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Another Avengers: Infinity War Actor Has Been Confirmed

The cast of Joe and Anthony Russo's Avengers: Infinity War continues to grow today with the confirmation of another actor who will play a part in the massive superhero ensemble.

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Could Daredevil Season 3 Follow The Defenders' Final Scene With That Big Comic Story?

Many fans were talking about what will happen with Daredevil following The Defenders' final moments.

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Check Out The Disguise Ben Affleck Used To Not Be Seen At Comic-Con

Ben Affleck made a highly publicized appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but it looks like the Justice League actor may have even gone undercover to mingle with the fans, as well.

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One Way David Harbour Says His Hellboy Will Be Different

The new franchise will star Stranger Things actor David Harbour as the title character, and he's recently revealed his plans to change the character from Ron Perlman's iconic performances

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Evangeline Lilly's Still Training For Ant-Man And The Wasp, And This Time She's Showing Off Her Abs

The sequel to Marvel's Ant-Man is currently filming and while production has already begun, it hasn't slowed down Evangeline Lilly's workout regimen to get her into superhero shape.

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How The Silver Sable And Black Cat Movie May Use Norman Osborn

It's been rumored that a lot of potential Spider-Man villains may be making their way to the Silver and Black movie being put together by Sony right now. The most surprising name on the list might be one of the wall-crawlers biggest nemeses, Norman Osborn.

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How Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Pulled Off Rocket’s Fight With The Ravagers

Want to know how the scene of Rocket Raccoon taking down the Ravagers in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 became reality? Read on to get all the answers, and then some.

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Marvel's Inhumans Apparently Won't Stick Around In IMAX For As Long As We Thought

Inhumans is slated to hit the small screen at the end of September, but folks will be able to check it out early in IMAX theaters. As it turns out, however, it won't be in theaters for as long as we expected.

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The Big Difference Between Amazon’s The Tick And Other Versions, According To The Creator

Why is The Tick coming back for a third bite at the TV apple? Well, it's back for some pretty good reasons, and you can find out what they are inside.

Netflix Confirmed When The Punisher Series Will Debut, Sort Of

Marvel fans are now one step closer to learning when The Punisher will premiere.

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One Guardians Of The Galaxy Change From The Comics That James Gunn Was Shocked Upset Fans

Fans have generally supported James Gunn's changes to Marvel lore in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but one specific change apparently caused a massive uproar, and the director was surprised.

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The Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Scene Michael Rooker Almost Ruined Because He Fell Asleep

The following story contains real spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. For real, stop reading now if you haven't seen the film yet. We're about to discuss a pivotal scene.

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Wonder Woman Is Now The Biggest Superhero Origin Story Ever

There is no more popular part of any superhero franchise than the origin story. And now, there is no origin story as popular on the big screen as that of Wonder Woman.

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Should Zack Snyder Return To Justice League?

Joss Whedon replaced Zack Snyder as the man behind Justice League earlier this year, but could/should the original director return to finish the film?

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