The Flash's Candice Patton Talks How Iris And Barry React To Nora's Arrival

Barry and Iris will have their hands full when Season 5 gets here. But it's not a handful that they're used to dealing with.

Superhero TV
The Hardest Scene Marvel’s Propmaster Has Ever Worked On Involved Robert Downey Jr.

Marvel's very own Tony Stark found his greatest challenge when working on a scene with the face of the MCU.

Superhero Movie
Supergirl's Jeremy Jordan Explains Why He's Leaving The Show

Winn won't be back as much in Supergirl Season 4, and actor Jeremy Jordan explained why.

Superhero TV
How Wonder Woman 1984 May Bring Steve Trevor Back

It looks like Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984, so let's dive in and hash out the possible ways Patty Jenkins could bring the protagonist back for another outing.

Two Disappeared Infinity War Characters Who Are Expected To Meet

While fans have no clue what to expect from the MCU after Infinity War, two of the film's victims will apparently be meeting onscreen eventually.

Superhero Movie
One Inconsistency Between Guardians Of The Galaxy And Infinity War

Fans recently noted an inconsistency with Guardians of the Galaxy and Infinity War, and our mind is blown.

Superhero Movie
Chadwick Boseman Gave His MTV Award To A Real-Life Superhero

Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman won the Best Hero award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards last night, but he then handed off the honor to a real-life hero in spectacular fashion.

Superhero Movie
Why Filming Avengers: Infinity War Was Lonely, According To One Star

You might think that a movie with such a huge ensemble would be a communal filming experience, but it wasn't that way for everyone.

Superhero Movie
Two Key Movies That Have Inspired Ant-Man And The Wasp

With the idea of advancing beyond the idea of the "comic book movie," the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been very careful when it comes to offering different genres with their different superhero properties.

Superhero Movie
Evangeline Lilly’s First Time Wearing The Wasp Costume Didn’t Go Great
Superhero Movie
How Arrow's Stephen Amell Hopes The Show's Legacy Changes Green Arrow's Mythos

Stephen Amell spoke on how he hopes Arrow will effect the hero's legacy in the long run.

Superhero TV
James Gunn Confirms When Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Will Take Place

James Gunn was recently asked to clarify if Guardians 3 was going to be a prequel or set after Infinity War, and we've got some answers.

Superhero Movie
Would Michael B. Jordan Return For Black Panther 2? Here's What He Says

Michael B. Jordan recently opened up about the possibility of returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Superhero Movie
Supergirl's Finale Cliffhanger Revealed An Incredible DC Comics Plot For Season 4

The Season 3 cliffhanger of Supergirl revealed some of what we can expect from Season 4, including a big DC Comics arc adaptation.

Superhero TV
Supergirl Sent Off A Major Character In The Season 3 Finale

A major character is leaving Supergirl after the third season finale.

Superhero TV
Why Incredibles 2 Included That Jonny Quest Easter Egg

It's not because Bandit was the inspiration for The Incredibles' domino masks.

Superhero Movie
An Avengers: Infinity War Character Who Might Not Be Dead After All

Avengers: Infinity War racks up a fairly impressive body count, but one seemingly dead character might not be as dead as we thought.

Superhero Movie
Why James Wan Was Picked To Direct Aquaman

What made the director, known mostly for his work in the horror genre, the right choice to bring Aquaman to the big screen in a blockbuster superhero film? Read on to find out.

Superhero Movie
Evangeline Lilly Wished For Michelle Pfeiffer As The Original Wasp, But She Didn’t Personally Make It Happen
Superhero Movie
How Avengers: Infinity War’s Production Impacted The Filming Of Ant-Man And The Wasp

The year 2017 was a notably crazy one for Marvel Studios. Here's how Peyton Reed's movie made it slightly nuttier.

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