The Great Advice Black Panther's Ryan Coogler Gave The Captain Marvel Directors

Captain Marvel may be Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck's first MCU film, but they were able to turn to some Marvel vets for words of wisdom.

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It May Not Be Marvel, But Sebastian Stan Will Replace Chris Evans In New Movie

Sorry, Captain America fans. You still have to wait for that news.

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Bond 25 Just Lost Its Romantic Release Date, Probably To Avoid Disney And DCEU

James Bond vs. any DCEU character vs. any Disney character. Who wins in a fight? Go.

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Watch A Crazy Excited Jason Momoa Tease Big Things For Aquaman's Future

My man is screaming-down-the-hallways pumped for what's next.

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Gotham Goes Hard On The Joker References In New Jeremiah Trailer

A new trailer for the next episode of Gotham is all about Jeremiah, and he's never seemed so Joker-esque before. Will this be the episode when he finally goes full Joker?

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James Gunn’s Suicide Squad Sequel Is Reportedly Bringing Back A Fan Favorite

It looks like at least one familiar face will be back for the sequel/relaunch.

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Captain Marvel's Amazing Cat Goose Is Stealing The Show In Massive Banners

Photon blasts are cool and all, but the cat is the real selling point of Captain Marvel.

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HeroBlend #42: We Saw 15 Minutes of Shazam!

Welcome to HeroBlend #42! Eric and Adrienne have a big show for you today; we'll answer some listener questions up top, then dive into news, Avengers: Endgame costume reveals and Eric's thoughts on the Shazam! sneak peek he got to see!

Man Of Steel Has A Cool Watchmen Easter Egg

Who doesn't love a crossover?

Superhero Movie
War Machine’s Armor May Be Getting A Major Upgrade For Avengers: Endgame
Superhero Movie
Ben Affleck Explains Why He’s Leaving Batman Behind

Turn off the Bat signal, because Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne won't be answering the call anymore.

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Doom Patrol: Most Exciting Moments From The New Extended Trailer

A new extended trailer for DC Universe's Doom Patrol is packed with enough exciting moments that you'll want to check out the series ASAP. Here's are the best.

New Gotham Trailer Takes Jeremiah To Ace Chemicals For A Big Showdown

Gotham is taking Jeremiah to an iconic location from Joker lore in next week's episode, and he's in for a fight.

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What Gotham's Ben McKenzie Says About Barbara's Reveal And Bane's Future

Gotham star Ben McKenzie weighed in on those crazy Barbara and Bane twists from the latest episode.

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Captain Marvel Could Make Less Than We Thought Opening Weekend

Captain Marvel might not be going quite as high, far and fast opening weekend as the early box office tracking indicated.

Superhero Movie
The Black Panther Line That Was Essential To The Movie, According To Kevin Feige

A lot of things change during the making of the movie, but this piece of dialogue remained unaltered.

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Dane Cook Sent An Apology Letter To Marvel Casting After His Captain America Audition

The comedian was one of the would-be Captain Americas before Chris Evans ultimately landed the role.

Superhero Movie
How Much Brie Larson Is Earning For Captain Marvel

How does Brie Larson's superhero debut paycheck compare with her fellow MCU actors?

Superhero Movie
Brie Larson Already Has A Marvel Hero In Mind To Join Captain Marvel’s Sequel

Brie Larson knows exactly what hero she'd like to be paired with in a future installment.

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Michael B. Jordan Seems Down To Play DC's Superman, On One Condition

The Black Panther actor has addressed the rumors that he could be a contender to play the Man of Steel in the future.

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