The Flash returned for Season 4 last night, and things already seem to be moving at a breakneck pace. But between Barry's return and The Thinker's reveal, there were some details that fans may have missed, or misunderstood, that could mean quite a lot in regards to how the rest of Season 4 takes shape. On the flip side, they could also mean absolutely nothing, as we're still early in the season. But it never hurts to speculate, so here are some noteworthy moments that may or may not be worth keeping in mind as the show moves forward.

This House Is Bitchin'

Barry returned from the Speed Force in a confused state and started going full-on John Nash as he littered any and all walls with symbols that Cisco eventually translated to "This House Is Bitchin'." The line meant absolutely nothing to Barry when he snapped back to reality, which itself is understandable, but isn't it weird he didn't even remember it (or anything else from his fugue state)? Wally and Jay have spent extended periods in the speed force, and neither one came out with pre-packaged memory loss. That Barry remembers nothing of when he was acting crazy potentially nixes Cisco's belief that Barry was attempting to send a secret message to the team.

Was this really the work of the Speed Force, though, or is it possible Barry's brain fuzz was brought on by something or someone else? We're skeptical about everything, given The Flash's villain in Season 4 is a known telepath, but it's completely plausible Barry's personality lapse was just related to the speed force and nothing more. Not likely, but plausible.

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